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Matariki (the eyes of God) is the Māori name for the Pleaides star cluster and is the Mother star, she signifies the beginning of the Māori New Year.

New beginnings bring reflection, hope and honours our connection to the environment.

Each pure plant oil in this blend has a unique quality, and an active Life force.  Orange and Lavender transport us to the realm of possibilties and potentials, while Juniper Berry and Cinnamon Bark are cleansing and transformative, Cedarwood and Patchouli bring certainty and rhythm. 


12ml 100% Pure Essential oil blend. 

Orange Sweet

Cedarwood Atlas

Juniper Berry

Certified Organic Lavender


Cinnamon Bark


Massage 4 drops to 10mls of carrier oil -

Excellent for relieving :

  • stagnation, congestion, bloating, retention, stubborness, lack of clarity, narrow mindedness, feeling stuck.

Bath 2-3 drops to full bath

Vapouriser 8-10 drops in water

Do not ingest

Store below 30c

Made in Australia

MATARIKI Essential Oil Blend